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Thought Bubble was established in 2003 and is located in Brisbane, Australia. Our clients are mid-to-large sized national and multinational companies with blue chip client bases from the corporate, non-government and government sectors, including publicly-listed, professional services firms and Defence organisations.

We are appointed on consultancy retainers or as employee contractors (remote or embedded) to lead teams in the creation of creative communications, as well as compliant, compelling business proposals (or tenders/bids) that result in winning new business for our clients. We are also increasingly engaged to undertake research and strategic planning, facilitate strategy workshops and run training and change communication programs.

As specialists in the bid/proposal and tender function, we’re responsible for managing the organisational framework and coordinating all proposal activity and resources, as well as creating and editing proposal and marketing material content. 

When we’re contracted to a bid/tender/proposal manager role we usually report directly to a CEO or the Director of Business Development and Marketing. We can also take on the proposal writer role and liaise with various other corporate and operations personnel to prepare written responses to formal solicitations and informal requests for information. We are capable of effectively managing multiple simultaneous efforts as well as working with multiple stakeholders including technical experts, subcontractors, and/or prime contractors to drive the proposal process to successful completion.

Tender/bid/proposal writer responsibilities may differ each time, but can include substantive editing, copy editing, proposal support tasks such as developing proposal style guides, developing compliance matrices, conducting compliance reviews, performing final quality control reviews, and working with graphics and production staff to coordinate final proposal production.

Our typical responsibilities

  • Collaborate with senior executives (Partners, Director of Business Development and Marketing) throughout proposal duration, from opportunity identification and development of tender/bid/proposal strategy to debrief
  • Develop detailed proposal schedules, timelines, plans, milestones and outlines
  • Ensure proposal compliance with RFT/RFP requirements
  • Plan, coordinate, and lead proposal kick-off meetings and status update meetings
  • Manage internal and external tender/bid/proposal contributors to ensure proposal is moving forward
  • Write new content or narrative as required, weaving win themes throughout
  • Edit boilerplate content as required to address statement of work requirements and update as service offerings and capabilities are expanded
  • Edit content for grammar, flow, and fit
  • Write case studies and capabilities statements
  • Collaborate on business/pricing proposal development and formatting
  • Oversee tender/bid/proposal production activities
  • Supervise and serve as a mentor to other team members (writers, coordinators, administrators).

Contract length

The timeline for bid/proposal/tender efforts range from as short as two days to as long as six months, and we’re expected to be able to adjust and adapt accordingly. We are willing and able to maintain a flexible schedule (late evenings, weekends and holidays) and to work extra hours during peak proposal activity time, which can be at any point during the year.

In addition to proposal specific writing and editing responsibilities, we are often asked to write and/or update proposal boilerplate text, develop capability statements and other business development or marketing related documents and provide writing and editing services on a project basis for internal and external dissemination.

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