Our approach

Great minds think differently

iStock_000020222522XSmallThink about it. If we all thought the same there’d be no new ideas, and no market leaders.

At Thought Bubble, we help bring strength and a new perspective to the way companies communicate their positioning and value proposition every time they touch the market.

We use communication to inspire action

Making our clients successful is ultimately about achieving  results in every area of their business, inside and out.

We carefully research our clients’ customers, their industry and how they do business. From here we combine effective research, strategic planning,  sound business management, creativity, and resources to create business and technical communications – and often business process improvements along the way – which engage, inform, persuade, motivate and create positive emotion and/or change.

Personable, insightful, flexible

We complement executive, business development and marketing teams by collaborating with them to carefully evaluate, strategically develop and creatively implement persuasive and compelling business concepts and communication to maximise revenue and increase profit.

Whether we’re conceptualising marketing strategies to reach target audiences, or translating leads into major bids to facilitate business growth, our combined expertise provides insight, creativity and innovative thinking to take your business to next level.

An extension of your business

Thought Bubble extends business’ capacity to handle demanding projects and busy periods, becoming an indispensable team member to small, medium and big organisations. Individually, or as a group, the team at Thought Bubble is available to work on long or short term projects.  We are engaged to provide business support during peak workloads, or to develop and execute organisational projects.

Contract, retained, freelance, in-house or remote, our approach is to consult, collaborate and deliver technical and creative content which differentiates your offering and elicits a positive response.

Whatever your requirements, we can collectively provide around-the-clock service, giving you assurance of best practice standards, innovative ideas and reliable turnaround.

Specialist advice

Our extensive experience within the government and corporate sectors means we can provide insight and guidance on how to effectively communicate, engage and persuade through images and the written word.

Our specialty is providing strategic advice and supporting business development and stakeholder communications goals, with an ability to translate technical language into straight talking business terms. We enjoy mentoring and coaching junior staff just as much as sitting at the boardroom table.