Management consultancy

Steering you to success

For the elephant, a massive change looks like an unscalable mountain. As a result, the elephant freezes instead of taking small steps to take it forward. Rather than attempting to force it forward in strides, take small steps. 

Helping you at any stage of the business lifecycle

Thought Bubble’s strategic management consulting services can set you up with a roadmap to guide your business planning and development activities so you can see meaningful milestones that yield small wins.

Our advisory and hands-on implementation services help our clients to manage growth or change at any stage of the business lifecycle.

We apply a unique collaborative consulting approach that has been tried and tested on Thought Bubble’s clients across Australia, and internationally. Our engagements have been as diverse as change management planning and implementation; to service modelling and accreditation support; and business development strategy and execution.

To develop solutions that deliver real competitive advantage for our clients, our consultants combine creativity and analytical skills.

Through a teaming culture they bring together the passion of the entrepreneur and the seasoned experience of the specialist. Our ‘one team’ virtual environment across two continents and six cities enables us to deliver a 24/7 wrap around service to clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategy and transformation
  • Process improvement advisory
  • Business development and marketing
  • Tender, program funding and grant advisory
  • Leadership and change
  • Innovation and efficiency.

Unlocking performance potential

To succeed in business, an organisation must have a clear vision derived from a strategic planning process.

Thought Bubble assists C-level executives and business unit leads to develop strategic plans to improve efficiency, operational excellence and the bottom line. Through analysis and actionable strategies, we offer you an outside view and a methodological approach to the opportunities for sustainable development of your business in all directions.

We’ll ensure you maximise the experience, talent and assets you already in your business while helping you to analyse, identify and prepare for resources and initiatives to take your business to the next level.

We approach our assignments with strong stakeholder engagement to garner support around shared purpose; adapt people’s thinking and capabilities; and anchor within our clients’ cultures a commitment to continuous improvement.

Examples of engagements for commercial, government and NGO clients include preparing strategic plans (from strategies on a page to full strategic planning documents), transition and change management plans post-contract award, marketing and business development plansinternal and external communication plans, service improvement audits and recommendations, new CEO messaging and 100-day roadmaps.  We have also worked extensively with start-ups, scale-ups and entities pre-and-post M&A on commercialisation and due diligence documentation.

Thought Bubble has been recognised with a number of international-level awards for its work in the business development and strategic communication field, including Gold and Silver Stevie Awards in the Sales & Customer Service (business development) and Women in Business categories.

Leading with purpose

Thought Bubble and its consultants take great pride in working for organisations that are led by a desire to provide community-wide economic, social, cultural or environmental improvements.

The social impact of our work is of utmost importance to us, as reflected in the suite of social enterprises and agencies we call long-standing and close clients, both in the not-for-profit space and in the government departments supporting our most vulnerable individuals.

Thought Bubble secured several million dollars in operational contracts and program funding, helped shape new service delivery models, and successfully facilitated partnerships for clients in the health and human services sector.  Our work with these critical community service suppliers has given us broad knowledge of the service system and how they can and should work together

Some of the organisations we have worked with include: ArcareSafe Places for Children, Department of HousingPrimary Health Networks, Relationships Australia (Queensland), Open Minds, Queensland Child and Family Commission, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Public Safety Business Agency, Department of Housing and Department of Education.

Thought Bubble is a preferred supplier under Queensland Government Procurement – Management and Policy Services – QGP 0050-17 (T3) in the category of Business Planning and Development.

We also provide marketing communications, corporate communications and tender, bid and proposal services.

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