Social Media Strategy and EDM Campaign    

ProjectSocial Media Strategy and EDM Campaign    
ReachOverseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)    


sp_1 sp_2 helps overseas workers and students residing temporarily in Australia to access their superannuation entitlements before they leave permanently for their home country.

Thought Bubble was engaged to develop a social media and marketing strategy for Superpayment’s Australian market launch. As voracious users of social media, the objective of the campaign was to initially target Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to inform them of their superannuation entitlements.

Though Bubble undertook desk research to carefully understand, respect and address both the unique traits of the company’s business model (transactional versus an ongoing service relationship); and the cultural nuances of OFWs e.g. the material wants and needs of families against the emotional desires and needs of the OFW.  Together with greater insight into the social media habits of OFWs a strategy was devised to recruit followers and generate word of mouth discussion and referrals with a planned content management plan.

Following the research, Thought Bubble proposed using characters that communicate the “bagong bayani” or the “modern hero”, and the monetary reward. In the first week the campaign attracted 600 ‘likes’ on Facebook and has a fan base of more than 6,000 people. Factual posts to drive traffic to the ATO has elicited the strongest response (500+ likes), with the most ‘shared’ posts arising from calls to action eg. ‘do you know someone who has worked in Australia on a 457 VISA?’.