ProjectBidhive bid management platform

Bidhive is an industry innovation delivering an end-to-end corporate bid management platform for organisations looking for better structure, governance and organisation of their bid management processes. Bidhive is solving the problem of historically slow innovation of the bid management process which has been highly manual and reliant on email, spreadsheets and a document trail that gets repeated time and again.

With Bidhive’s work-winning methodology and best practice frameworks, Bidhive helps companies achieve a dramatic process improvement in bid management efficiency and workforce productivity.

Thought Bubble’s Managing Director is the CEO and co-founder of Bidhive, which commenced development in 2017 and involved stakeholder input and co-design workshops with APMP and non-member industry practitioners from across Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and the US.  Thought Bubble ran live tenders on the platform during the pilot testing phase during 2018 prior to the platform’s commercialisation and roll out in early 2019. A key metric reported by users has been an average 30%- 50% time saved on the administrative-heavy project management aspects of bid set up and response development.

Bidhive now has commercial customers on board in Australia, UK and the US. These first customers are those who typically rely on government contracts or funding to sustain their operations. This has enabled them to achieve efficiencies while empowering remote or business unit teams to self-service their own bid submissions.

Many customers have also reported that after the initial Content Library set up and implementation period, Bidhive has reduced or eliminated the need  to outsource the majority of their bid support, enabling them to redirect back office budget to critical front line services.