Internal change communications

ProjectPrint and digital change communication campaign
ReachAustralia, United States

Global engineering firm Cardno briefed Thought Bubble to develop a multi-channel (print and digital) campaign
cardno-1 cardno_direct mail stick man cardno_2 cardno_email popcardno_3 cardno_4 cardno_5for the staff launch of Microsoft Lync and Polycom video conferencing between the Australian and US offices. The campaign’s aim was to emphasise the benefits of the new software, and excite and motivate users to start using the collaborative work tools. The look and feel used corporate colours but with a unique sub-brand to differentiate the communication from external marketing collateral. Playful stick figures featured in each piece so as to reduce the ‘fear factor’ often associated with corporate change and new technology systems.

Supporting the campaign was a suite of training material including Plain English user guide and pocket ‘quick guide’.