FutureBeef website update

ProjectWebsite update (stage 1)
ReachNorthern beef producers


FutureBeef is a collaborative program that brings the latest research technologies and best management practice knowledge, skills and training into the hands of northern beef producers. The initiative is led by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with partners from the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia and Meat & Livestock Australia.

Thought Bubble was engaged to review, update and rewrite the topics pages on the FutureBeef website.

Thought Bubble did a content and click through review of all pages on the site. ‘Last updated’ footers indicated that pages had been added to the website over a number of years resulting in a large body of content (largely links to third party content). The structure of the content is structured top down, meaning the user has to scroll down the page to find and read content.


Thought Bubble reviewed the existing content and recommended a two-stage approach to update the 13 topics pages.

  1. Update structural layout

We invested time in researching to gain a thorough understanding the content and the intended audience. A large number of policy papers, white/green papers were reviewed and industry websites analysed (MLA, Brazil market). After research and analysis was undertaken we recommended that user experience be prioritised as we believed this would substantially impact upon readability, and quality of content.

With such a large and growing body of content we suggested a more structured, user-centric and intuitive template layout. In our experience the changes would not be substantial, but deliver a practical and incremental improvement to the WordPress site making it more user-centric and manageable for the administrator. This revised structure, which included a new “knowledge centre” global menu and four content categories, would enable content to be catalogued and edited for improved readability.

2. Editing and structuring of content

Once the template structure had been devised, minor editing and more significant restructure of content allowed for better flow. This process also highlighted content gaps and opportunities eg. we identified an opportunity for “financial literacy” or “funding and grants” as futures topics. We also recommended new features to attract repeat visitors including daily “market updates” and Facebook branded content including a “like” button. We further identified an opportunity to craft introductions / overview content for each category with both the user and SEO in mind.


To articulate the structural changes Thought Bubble briefed its digital designer and provided a written functional and technical specifications document to guide the development of a mock up example. The mock up showed a single pathway via the new template structure (click through from home page through to second level category page). The mock up was then amended to include developer instructions for recommended plug-ins.