Performance Improvement Communication Strategy

ClientDepartment of Communities
ProjectPerformance Improvement Communication Strategy

Thought Bubble was engaged by the Department of Communities to help communicate a complex reporting framework in plain English to its staff and stakeholders.

The internal communication plan and roll out of the change program focused on three key elements:

  1. To raise awareness of the role, capabilities and service offerings of the Investment, Performance and Innovation branch and how it supports the Performance Architecture framework.
  2. To increase understanding and sell the benefits of what performance means in the context of the four-stage feedback loop – data (evidence), information (context/relevance), consequence (options) and reaction (choices/action)
  3. To create a high-performance culture where everyday tools serve as a subtle reminder to staff that we have a shared purpose – that staff have permission to change, that they will be supported to do something better for a reason.

The stakeholder engagement component of the project was well received, with internal staff eager to embrace the new innovation. Thought Bubble was provided positive feedback from the client, especially around the consultative nature of the key personnel on the project.

The messaging increased staff understanding of what performance means in the context of the department’s four-stage feedback loop, and today has a high-performance culture where every day tools serve as a subtle reminder to staff that they have a shared purpose. The tools enable managers and executives to have informed discussions and make informed decisions around departmental performance with their teams.