Collateral damage: how to cut through the clutter of competition

In a fast-paced world the sheer volume of competition means marketing managers are more accountable than ever for “cutting through” the clutter to get their message across.

So how do you effectively capture your “voice” and communicate your message about your products or services? Generally, if you begin with the ‘benefits’, you’ll find your message is far more convincing than if you promote ‘features’.

But be warned. Strong marketing copy is more than just clever words – it should be based on knowledge of your audience and how they make decisions. Here are a few examples of how you can start with writing more convincing copy:

Customer Research – if you’re trying to sell to customers, ask them what they want from your product or service!

Involve your sales team or field officers – your front-line staff are often the best source of information about what your customers want or don’t want. It’s amazing how much information they actually have if you just ask them the right sorts of questions.

Understand the buying process – sometimes your ‘target audience’ is not always the person who makes the purchase. They may be a primary influencer or even the end user.

For example, if you are writing copy to sell an accounting software package it may be the Finance Manager who is the decision maker, but they may ask the IT manager which products suit the organisation’s IT platform, and the accounts payable clerk may be the person who ultimately trials the product.

It is therefore vitally important to know your end user audience and their potential influence and involvement in the decision making process. Choose the method that will achieve the best value result within your budget and time constraints.