Marketing communications

Strategy that points the way

Competitive positioning is the basis of a company’s entire go-to-market strategy.  It helps to define the brand, and guides marketing, communications and sales strategies.

Thought Bubble offers a range of services to companies seeking to gain a foothold and traction in the market. We help companies position and grow their brand into market leaders by ensuring every key message is captured and conveyed persuasively and effectively. We can help you devise the most effective strategies for shaping perceptions, influencing customer behaviour and building valuable relationships.

Key messages that differentiate

Thought Bubble produces powerful copy and key messages that effectively clarify your strategic positioning, with compelling and engaging messages that can be applied across a range of marketing communications materials, including:

  • Brand strategy and campaigns
  • Capability statements
  • Corporate credentials
  • Marketing collateral, brochures
  • Tenders, bids, submissions, proposals
  • Corporate magazines
  • Online content.

Technical writing with creative flair

Quite often, it is difficult for those working at the coalface to communicate technical information into simple business language. One of our unique strengths is the ability to quickly become a subject matter expert, taking complex, technical or industry ‘jargon’ and translating it into plain English.

We also provide management consulting, tender, bid and proposal services and corporate communications.


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