Tenders, bids and proposals

What if you could change your business destiny?

There’s a whole world of potential revenue out there. Winning a major contract isn’t just great for business stability, it can create a pipeline of work in uncertain times by assisting with client and employee retention, improving internal business processes and boosting the bottom line.

If you’re working on a government or corporate tender, bid or proposal and you need help developing the pitch, persuasive content and documentation, talk to us. Thought Bubble is skilled across all aspects of the tender process including:

  • Initial assessments (bid/no bid)
  • Bid management and support
  • Pitch strategy and win themes
  • Development of key messages
  • Document structuring and content
  • Section drafting, executive summaries and reviews
  • CVs and staff profiles
  • Design for readability including diagrams, tables and process flows
  • Audits and reviews
  • Workshops, training and coaching.

We can also oversee and work closely with executive teams, sector specialists, technical writers, graphic designers and layout specialists.

Whether you need a little or a lot – we’ll guide you there

Thought Bubble has helped win millions of dollars in revenue for companies seeking growth – ranging from panel appointments to major projects across legal services, manufacturing, engineering and construction, environmental consulting and recruitment for major organisations.

With an impressive short-listing success and an 85% win rate, we are regularly contracted to work on local, state, federal government, Defence and ASX-listed tenders, bids and proposals.

From templated or imposed page counts to the entire submission including drawings and plans, we can lead the process to motivate and manage, or join the team to ensure your response is compliant, compelling and most of all – competitive.

We can also be on hand simply to provide advice and support when your team’s resources are stretched to the limit or you have other competing project priorities to attend to.

Strategic bid management programs

Faced with the challenge of global competition, business leaders serious about running ethical and responsible businesses often have to be strategic and creative in the way they address tender responses – with a clear destination in mind for their organisation.

This is especially the case for companies that aspire to be competitive and well-regarded players in the global economy beyond their own borders. These companies have to understand and effectively manage not just business risk, but need to demonstrate the willingness to advance industry innovation, aid in nation-building and deliver greater community capacity.

Thought Bubble has led major bids for PPP and government-funded programs which span health, road / tunnel, rail, mining, technology and social housing developments, including major events (Commonwealth Games) and Defence services. By using our skills in people management, leadership, communication and bid strategy we lead the many experts within the organisation’s overall function to ensure bid strategies are aligned against government policy priorities, core business interests, the organisation’s growth strategy, and which are strongly linked to corporate governance and shareholder value.

Workshops, training and coaching

Because we understand branding, marketing and innovation, Thought Bubble aims to help your company grow and transform by getting more out of its brand, its investments and its people.

Thought Bubble audits, consults, engages, trains, coaches and mentors executives and staff to ensure every process; and every key message, is captured and conveyed persuasively and effectively.

Our tender workshops have been run throughout Australia and Asia and can be tailored for beginners, or focus on raising the standard of your response.  We have run group workshops at CEO-level, for business development and technical consultancy teams, presented at law firm partner and marketing retreats, and presented at a global managers’ conference.

Tender, bids and proposal readiness audits

Need to improve the efficiency and quality of your tender submissions? We can help you identify what needs to be done, both strategically and operationally, to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

And if you haven’t had success in the past, we can also assist you to improve your chances next time.

Editing and reviews

Thought Bubble provides editorial and review services to ensure your key messaging is persuasive, compliant and clearly understood by third parties. We provide objective feedback, play devil’s advocate, think like evaluation panels, and provide an outside perspective, drawing upon our vast industry experience.

We also provide management consulting, marketing communications and corporate communications services.


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